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U.P. Streams And Rivers
U.P. Streams And Rivers

Baraga County :

Big Huron River
Skanee, Mi. Steelhead. Coho Salmon. Pink Salmon. Twin Branches of the Big Huron river flow for about 20 miles each in Eastern Baraga County before joining above Big Eric's Bridge six miles east of Skanee. About 9 miles later, the Main Stream empties into Lake Superior just across the line in Marquette County. The Big Huron is the best Steelhead stream in the area and is one of Lake Superiors top Steelhead streams. From West Branch Falls downstream, the river hosts Steelhead in the spring and fall, with Coho and Pink's showing up in the fall. It joins the East Branch just above Big Eric's Bridge in a fast long rocky area. many anglers camp in the state forest campground at the bridge, where the spring Steelheaders gather to drift spawn bags, night crawlers, yarn flies,and Okie Drifters. From here to the mouth the river features areas of sand, gravel, and rock with deep pools in the bends. The bends are more attractive to fall anglers who work the! ir colorful spinners and small spoons throught the holding water. The river is navigable for canoeists willing to carry down to the deep water below Big Eric's Bridge. At the mouth is a scenic campground with sandy beach and tall Red Pines. Resorts in Area. Motel in Lanse. Fly/Bait/ Tackle Indian Country Sports (906-524-6518) Guides Uncle Ducky Outfitters(906-228-5447).

Silver River
Skanee, Mi. Steelhead. Coho Salmon. Brook Trout. Actually the are 3 rivers that drain into Lake Superior via Huron Bay. Slate, Ravine, and the Silver. All have runs but we feel the Silver to be the best of the trio. Spring runs of Steelhead, fall migrations of salmon, and the resident brook trout populations make the Silver an excellent fishing stream. The Main Stream descends through rugged topographythat ranges in elevation from 1600 ft. near the headwaters to 690 feet at the mouth in a short 20 miles. The wide stream valley is narrowed in spots by bedrock outcroppings. The clean-running beautiful river has two major waterfalls and lots of heart-stopping fast water chutes that are impossible to negotiate with a canoe. Waders must use extreme caution.The best steelhead fishing occurs below the Silver Falls, which has a public access for 3/4 mile. There is also a public access near the river mouth which affords some surf-fishing opportunities. Resorts in Area. Motel! 's in Lanse. Fly/Bait/Tackle-Indian Country Sports (906-524-6518) Guides-Uncle Ducky Outfitters (906-228-5447)