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U.P. Streams And Rivers
U.P. Streams And Rivers

Houghton County :

Salmon Trout River
The Salmon Trout River arises from Perault Lake in northwest Houghton County about 10 miles west of Houghton and flows for a dozen miles before emptying into Lake Superior. Big Valley Creek and Obenhoff Creek are the two most important tributaries and both contain Brook Trout. Upstream from Big Valley Creek the stream bed is mostly sand. Below the tributary to gradiant changes and the Main Stream contains small to medium gravel all the way to the impoundment caused by the Redridge Dam, a free-standing steel arch dam built in 1901. Steelhead, which run the half-mile of river from Lake Superior in spring and fall are unable to get above the dam. Steelheaders can wade the river from the dam where the fish pile up in the spillway, to the mouth. many toss spoons or fish spawn in the surf. yarn flies and spinners are favorite river offerings, especially in the pool by the old railroad trestle. Motels in Houghton. Fly/Bait/Tackle- None Listed. Guides- None Listed!