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U.P. Streams And Rivers
U.P. Streams And Rivers

Mackinac County :

Carp River
St. Ignace, Mi. Brook Trout. Brown Trout. Steelhead. Chinook Salmon. Pink Salmon. Atlantic Salmon. The Carp River emerges from a trio of lakes -Carp, Frenchman, and Wegwaas-in southwest Chippewa County near Trout Lake. After passing through a small portion of the Lake Superior State forest,this flow twists its way for about 50 miles through the wetlands and dense forests of Mackinac County and the Hiawatha National Forest enroute to its terminus at St. Martins Bay in northern Lake Huron. The Carp earned an early reputation as one of the eastern U.P. 's finest trout streams and produced Brookies to 3 pounds and larger as recently as 20 years ago. Two branches form the Main Stream. The North Branch supports a small self-sutaining population of brook trout. It recieves hatchery -origin Brown Trout and both wild and hatchery reared Steelhead. The Steelhead along with Chinook Salmon and occassional large schools of Pink Salmon, freely ascend the river in fall from its m! outh.Portions of the lower river have been designated as Wild or Scenic, and the upstream portion is a candatite for inclusion in the National Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.
Nearly all of the river can be fly-fished, but expect to encounter neckdowns, sharp curves, and bankside brush. The North Branch hosts better fishing than the South Branch. Pink Salmon show up in late summer and early fall. Spring steelhead run all the way up to the state land and are spawning in the newly exposed gravel. Motels in St. Ignace. Fly/Bait Tackle Guides-None Listed