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Lake trout/Splake, along with brook trout, belong to the "char" sub-group of salmonine fishes that is distinct from the "true" trout and salmon. Lake trout inhabit deep, cold lakes, and are strongly influenced by annual temperature events within a lake. During winter, when most lake waters are a uniform 0 - 2° C, lake trout can range throughout a lake and prey upon small fish and bottom insects. In late April or early May, lake trout feed actively upon minnows, crayfish, and abundant insect larvae that are active at that time of year in shallow areas. When warm surface water becomes established during June in nearshore areas, lake trout are forced into deep, cold waters far below the surface where prey is relatively sparse. As summer temperatures cool off in September, the warm upper lake cools off and lake trout once again hunt regularly in more productive surface waters.

Lake trout spawn at night on rocky shoals in the fall, usually during late October or early November. Fertilized eggs settle within rocky crevices where they remain until hatching about four to six months later in late February to April.

Growth rates of lake trout vary widely from lake to lake, depending on whether they feed upon fish or generally feed upon crustaceans or insects. Plankton-feeding lake trout seldom get much larger than one to two pounds, even though fish of this size often can reach ages of 20 to 30 years. However, lake trout that feed upon fish can reach huge sizes greater than three feet in length and 30 pounds, though such fish are never abundant.

If you want to fish for these very palatable fish you need a boat. Very few are caught from shore. Most are caught by trolling with downriggers or wire line rigs. However, at some offshore reefs they are caught by jigging and casting. In the very early spring they can be caught off of breakwalls such as at Marquette's Lower Harbor. Stannard Rock in Lake Superior is a very popular place for Lake Trout jigging.

Several Charters are available for Lake Trout and Splake fishing.
You may elect to vist the websites of the Charter Comapanies listed below:


They will be happy to assist you in Lake Trout/Splake Fishing

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