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How to Talk to a Man About Something That's Bugging You (and Save Your Relationship!)

My customer Rebecca had been communicating Jim for six months. They had been exclusive nearly since the day that they met, and their connection was going along very well. She really dug him and they spoke about benaughty reviews together.

However there was something which always bothered her and it was a large thing.

Jim hadn't yet introduced Rebecca to his own daughter.

On more than 1 event (actually many ) Rebecca said that she'd really like to meet her. Jim would vaguely nod his mind and change the subject. No assembly was taking place.

Rebecca took Jim's action (or lack thereof) as a sign that he wasn't really serious about sharing his life with her. If he desired a forever relationship, why wouldn't he want her to meet and get to know his daughter, particularly since they were super close?

She was ready to move on; deciding that he has to be stringing her along.

Thankfully Rebecca was still in one-on-one coaching with me, so I was able to give her a perspective. She was making a 100% premise about what was going on. To leave this differently loving relationship with a conversation about this just did not make sense.

Together with my training, Rebecca made a way to broach this topic with Jim. She was extremely hurt, so I helped her do it in a way that opened up the topic in a way a man would respond to.

She told Jim she had something she wanted to talk with him asked what a good time is. When that time arrived. Rebecca told me something like"Jim, I care about you so much, and I am with you in beginning to see a great future together. I know how important your daughter is to you and I'd like to share that part of your lifetime. I would like to have a dialogue with you about why you haven't introduced me. Can we do that now or some time soon?"